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How To Recruit Whilst Practicing Social Distancing

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How To Recruit Whilst Practicing Social Distancing

Posted on March 2020 By Syntech Recruitment

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​The latest government advice is to avoid all non-essential contact until further notice. But with businesses still running, employees working from home and people self-isolating, how are you supposed to fill your vacancies? Here we look at some ideas on the best ways to recruit when practicing social distancing.

Phone Calls – Why not try hosting your first interview over the phone? You can still ask all the same questions you would in your usual first interviews and you will be able to gauge competencies through the art of conversation.

Some companies insist on a phone call in the first instance as part of their recruitment process because it saves the candidate time, money and travel. You may also find that candidates can be much more flexible with their availability to accept a phone call as they won’t necessarily need to arrange any time off with their current employer.

Virtual Interviews – There are multiple apps and websites that offer free video calling services. Whilst there are pros and cons to virtual interviews, in our current climate you might say that it’s the next best thing to a face to face interview.

You will be able to see your candidate and asses their expressions, body language and reactions in the same way you would if they were in the room.

Just be aware that if there are internet or connection issues, there may be long pauses before answering questions than there would be in normal conversation.

Ask for help – The whole team here at Syntech are fully prepped to work remotely and we continue to work at full capacity for the foreseeable. We are here to help. Whilst we specialise in technical recruitment, we understand that resources might be thin on the ground at the moment and we will be happy to try and help with other roles you may have available.

We have previously been successful in filling roles in administration, support, operations and managerial/ director level. Please reach out to us and we will do our best to support you and your business throughout this time.