​The Benefits of Training & Induction

It’s no secret that within many industries, there are a number of different talent and skills gaps, which is why when you find a good employee, you need to hold onto them.

How do you ensure that you keep your staff turnover number down? The answer lies in the foundations of your welcome and those first few weeks. This begins right at the beginning of the induction training. When implemented correctly, there are several benefits of an effective induction program that both the employee and employer can experience.

An effective induction ensures that employees integrate well into, and across, their new organisation. New employees need to understand the organisation, the culture, the people, and what’s expected of them in their role, so an effective induction will contain lots of elements.

At Syntech we value our Induction & Training program as one of the most important stages in the recruitment process. Yet, many businesses overlook this, having worked in recruitment a long time I can count on one hand the number of business’s that have failed to provide adequate training or taken the time to do a proper induction. It’s usually a case of sit next to someone for a few days and shadow them, on day three your pretty much on the phone and on your own! Not good enough.

Done well induction reduces the possibility of losing a new hire within the first few weeks of their employment.​

Here are 5 reasons why induction procedures are essential for any business

1. Induction gives your new employee confidence in your business

It is common for new employees to feel insecure or anxious about their new role and how they fit in your organisation’s culture and business. The on-boarding process is an opportunity for the business to make a good first impression and ensure the employee feels welcome. At Syntech we include other members of the team in the induction, thereby providing the opportunity to feel part of the team quicker and get to know their colleagues.

Induction provides employees with a clear understanding of how the organisation works, where it is now, where it envisions itself to be in the future, and how they, as new recruits can contribute to making that vision a reality.

2. Set the Scene

Introducing the new employee to the organisational setup and their primary duties and responsibilities is key at an early stage. At the end of the induction process, the new employees should have a clear understanding of their role in the company, understand what is expected from them and have all the information and tools they need to prepare themselves for their new role.

3. Confirm why they chose you/your company as an Employer

An induction is an opportunity for the company to create a good first impression. The induction process is a formalised way of welcoming new hires into the company and requires careful planning. This is reflective of the company’s commitment to maintain a professional tone when conducting business and managing its employees.

4. Structure

A clear induction process is a great way for an organisation to help employees integrate into the company smoothly. Help them understand what is expected, objectives for the future and long term goals. Make them feel part of that structure.

5. People Practices

Lastly, induction ensures new hires are clear on any rules and regulations, expectations of their position and what success looks like in their role. It also provides an opportunity for the employee to get introduced to everyone else on their staff or management team so they can start building relationships right away!

Syntech’s Induction & Training is 2 weeks, but post induction that training & development doesn’t stop. Regular 121’s & review meetings take place, and each employee has their own objectives for each quarter. No new starter should feel left out or made to feel a spare part, it’s important to include them in everything. As much as its tough inducting & training whilst running a business the investment you make now will hopefully pay off in the long run. If nothing else hopefully it made a lasting positive impression that will keep your company brand positive in the marketplace.

A well-organised induction is a testament to the company’s commitment to make its employees feel valued. Induction ensures people feel welcome and helps remove any anxieties and confusion. In the end the company will benefit too, things like enhanced job satisfaction, improved performance, and increased employee retention.

And in an ever-changing recruitment market that’s something worth celebrating.