What Is STEM and Why Is It Important?

Science : Technology : Engineering : Mathematics
STEM comprises the following major areas of study:

  • Natural, physical, and life sciences (sometimes including medicine)
  • Computer, electronics, and other technology-related disciplines
  • All types of engineering
  • Mathematics, or any field involving a heavy application of mathematical principles

Since we started Syntech in 2007 we’ve seen how the demand for STEM talent has increased and continues to grow today.

This new demand for STEM Talent has driven the way our specialist recruitment teams are set up so we can effectively support our clients with the specialist talent they need now and in the future.

What Is STEM and Why Is It Important?

The concept of STEM recruitment has evolved over time, bringing together different backgrounds and skill sets to create a more comprehensive approach to finding employees. Originally, most companies focused on recruiting from more traditional fields, such as engineering. However, with the emergence of new technologies and industries, many employers began to recognise the value of hiring from a variety of disciplines. As the demand for highly skilled professionals increased, so did the need for specialised recruiting processes to identify suitable candidates.

With the STEM market booming and a shortage of candidates many companies have struggled with recruitment and finding the skills & experience they require. At Syntech, we work with our clients to understand their recruitment needs and help them source the right talent.

The recruitment and retention of great STEM talent is essential. The candidates we work with have a wealth of experience, coupled with the full spectrum of scientific disciplines, which makes them a valued asset in any company.

Since we started Syntech in 2007 we've seen how the demand for STEM talent has increased and continues to grow today

Operations Director, Med Tech Company

We’ve been fortunate to partner with Syntech for the past few years. Their expertise and dedication have consistently delivered outstanding talent across diverse roles, contributing significantly to our success.