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CNC Job Opportunties in Australia

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CNC Job Opportunties in Australia

Posted on February 2023 By

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In our latest blog, we provide a list of some key aspects to consider for a role as a CNC Operator in Australia. 

Giving you a clearer picture of weighing up your options, if you are seriously considering taking your engineering skills and experience to work in Australia.

Entitlement to Work in Australia

If you have given some serious thought to working in Australia, the first thing you will need to confirm is your status to work.

Furthermore, what it is that you will be required to do, to gain the right to work in the country.

Australia has long been regarded as a country that welcomes highly skilled workers. Where the engineering sector is concerned, there is certainly a need for skilled engineers at many levels in Australia.

As with all immigration procedures, there are certain criteria you will need to navigate. 

That is of course, once you have decided whether you’re thinking of the working holiday visa route or the permanent migration route. 

First and foremost, take a look at your visa options for working in Australia, to decide which visa suits your plans and circumstances. 

Secondly, it’s worth bearing in mind your application will be subject to criminal checks.

Finally and encouragingly, from a UK or Irish citizen perspective, only 8.2 percent of graduates in Australia graduate with an engineering qualification. 

As a result of this, the country continues to value the services of migrant engineering-based skills.

A national shortage of a variety of skilled engineers in Australia continues to be evident throughout the country. 

In relation to visas, depending on your personal circumstances, you can expect to have an application for a working holiday visaprocessed between 14-40 days. 

The summer period can add to the waiting time for your visa, so this should be considered during the visa application process.

CNC Engineering Salaries in Australia

As a country with a shortage of skilled engineering workers, Australia offers attractive salaries and conditions that continue to tempt skilled CNC engineers from the UK.

A CNC engineering salary in Australia is reported to be around $90k per annum, as an overall average.

Entry-level Miller salaries start at around $87.5k, rising to $105k for more experienced CNC engineers.

An approximate equivalent in GBP would be a salary ranging between an average of £52k-£60k per annum.

Cost of Living

Much as you would find in the UK, the general cost of living in Australia can vary depending on the city or town.

For example, Sydney is the most expensive place to live, with Melbourne and Brisbane not far behind.

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A one-bedroom apartment to rent in the suburbs of Sydney starts from around $200 per week.

Numbeo provides a range of up-to-date useful living costs if you are considering making the move to live and work in Australia, including rent, food, bills, clothing and childcare.   ​

The Australian Climate

Australia is well known for its very hot temperatures, it is the driest of all the continents.

However, like most countries, Australia can have a wider range of temperature variances, due to climate change. 

As an approximate guide, summer temperatures range from of 19-26°C in New South Wales to 21-30°C in Queensland. 

Whereas, winter temperatures in Australia can range from 8-17°C in New South Wales to 11-21°C in Queensland.

For a comprehensive breakdown of weather patterns in different Australian states and territories, visit which breaks down each major city for temperatures and rainfall.  

As a CNC Engineer, you will be aware of the amount of heat that a CNC machine can generate, at times, this can be at odds with extreme room temperatures.

It’s certainly worth doing your research on the Australian climate to understand what to expect climate-wise, both at home and at work. 

Furthermore, don't be afraid to ask questions about the working conditions of your prospective employer during the interview process.​

The Social Scene

Leaving the UK behind, you will find that there are many more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in finer weather!

When the time comes to down tools for the day, or for the weekend, it’s time to unwind. This is where life in Australia becomes really exciting.

Australians pride themselves on being good friends and neighbours, and not just to people they know.

They often greet people from the postal worker to the taxi driver with a “g'day” or “how ya going?”. 

For Australians, this emphasis on mateship creates a cheery, welcoming attitude, and one that says anyone can be a mate.

If you are less of a people person and more interested in nature and wildlife, you will be spoilt for choice.

As you are most likely already aware, Australia is a surfer's paradise.

For those who like to spend time close to or in the ocean, Australia's coastline stretches almost 50,000 kilometres and boasts 10,000 beaches.

In fact, Australia is home to more beaches than any other country in the world!

Furthermore, Australia has vast expanses of desert and semi-arid land in its interior, sub-tropical rain forests in the Northeast, and grasslands and mountain range along the perimeter. 

You could spend a lifetime exploring the wilds of Australia whether that is along the coast, or further inland. 

Australia truly is the land of opportunity, and a country to enjoy when the working day or week is complete.

Are you seriously considering working in Australia as a CNC Operator?

At Syntech Recruitment, we recruit experienced, qualified, skilled engineers for a comprehensive range of engineering jobs, in the Automotive, Electrical, Defence, Manufacturing and Aerospace industries.

With a wealth of in-depth engineering recruiting expertise, our experienced team of engineering recruitment consultants work tirelessly to bring together the best opportunities and the best candidates for the role.

We are extremely proud of our links with reputable engineering companies based in Australia as we continue to recruit skilled engineers. 

If you are seriously considering working in Australia then please send your CV to us at