With so much focus on social media sites and in the news regarding mental health, it’s no surprise that smart employers, large and small, are listening and taking action.

According to the Thriving at Work Government Report of 2017, poor mental health costs UK employers between £33 billion – £42 billion per year. Aside from cost cutting, strengthening company culture to promote employee wellness could lead to improved health, behaviour and productivity within your workplace.

So, what can you do?

Here are just a few of our favourite wellness ideas that can be put in place with little to no budget today!

Refreshments: Yes, that’s right- something as simple as providing tea, coffee and soft drinks encourages short breaks from glaring computer screens and social interaction with other employees. You could even provide branded water bottles as an alternative approach to promoting hydration.

No Smoking: Make sure that the workplace and any company vehicles are smoke free. Perhaps you could encourage employees to join a ‘quit smoking’ program or talk to their GP about kicking the habit.

Mental Health Improvements: Educate yourself and the management team on mental health issues and what to look out for. You could also run employee polls or surveys to get valuable feedback on how to improve morale.

Fruit Bowl: Consider providing free fresh fruit for your team to encourage a healthier diet. You’d be surprised how simple snacks such as bananas, apples and oranges go a long way.

Encourage Movement: Instead of a one to one or informal chat over tea and cake, consider talking with your colleague whilst going for a walk. Perhaps you are in a position to offer free or discounted gym memberships? Could you consider forming a company sports team or yoga class? Any incentive, big or small, to move more could bear a positive impact on your workforce. Mental health charity mind.org.uk report that physical activity can help with improved sleep, happier moods and the ability to easier manage stress and anxiety. Here at Syntech, employee wellbeing is a top priority. We offer online workout and wellness classes and a 24/7 employee assistance programme completely free of charge as well as other amazing perks.

How healthy is your workplace?