​Why is there still a Candidate Shortage?

If you’ve read any blogs written by Recruiters recently you will no doubt have seen people talking about the topic of “a candidate shortage”.

Is that true? And if so why?

Its no secret that recruitment has been tough over the past few years, but then it was always tough and only the hardy will survive! But post the pandemic, Brexit, and widespread economic uncertainty, it has at times felt impossible to find the people you need to fill roles.

Shocked by the pandemic, everyone took job security a little more seriously. Suddenly, the not so great role you’re in was better than the new role that might be out there or the risk of moving jobs.

At the same time, clients shifted rapidly from hiring with abandon to near-zero recruitment (that goes the same for recruitment consultancies). And then they shifted back in the other direction, making concerted efforts to scale up, grow, and rebound with confidence. No one knew what to expect and recruitment was all over the place…

In the past twelve months, though, it would be tempting to think that the candidate shortage had passed and recovery was imminent. Sadly according to our clients, that’s not always the case.

So is the candidate supply beginning to rise? Will we see a massive change in 2024?

Over the past few months, several clients have told us that the candidate shortage continues despite the reports. Finding the right people is a significant challenge for HR & Recruiters. Like a lot of recruiters, we now partner with several of our clients and work directly with their recruitment & HR teams. This is proving to be more successful for both parties and has formed more of a partnership.

Recruiters are still dealing with the same issues they have been since the candidate shortage began. This may be the result of new pressures on the market, including the ongoing cost of living crisis. In many ways, we’re seeing a different problem leading to the same symptoms as the pandemic: a strong need for job security, some fear of change, and a great deal of caution.

That’s why, regardless of whether businesses or recruitment agencies are struggling to reach those sought after candidates, it’s so important to invest in training our internal staff and honing their skills.

In a candidate shortage, we all need to be a little more proactive in our search methods, and, if you’re happy with the number of candidates in your reach, they’re tools that will help you ensure no stone is left un-turned – and the best people are always in reach.

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