​What is the best way to handle a counter offer?

Peoples reasons for accepting/declining a counter offer can differ greatly, in the paragraph below I have listed some things to consider before you make that decision.

No matter what industry you work in or the role you do, the way you respond to a counter-offer can directly affect your professional future.

At Syntech we regularly speak to candidates who have been counter offered by their current employer, and as much as this can be frustrating for the recruiter we understand the importance of considering the offer. But in order to do that, our role is to help you think about why you resigned or were looking for another role in the first place. ​

Below we have listed some points to consider which will help you make that all important decision.

  • Analyse your reasons for wanting to leave in the first place, if the counter-offer addresses and resolves your concerns, then accepting the proposition could be a positive move for your career.
  • By accepting a counter-offer and staying put, your manager or colleagues may view you as less dependable because you were willing to leave.
  • Consider why you wanted to leave – It’s likely that the decision to resign wasn’t entirely or even because of money. Look at what made you want to leave – was it responsibilities, future prospects, travel or interoffice relationships?
  • I’m a big fan of lists, make a list showing the pro’s & con’s of staying/leaving. This will help you see in black & white what your drivers are.
  • Take your time – Take a few days before making your final decision, remember if your employer or new potential employer really value you they will give you a few days to think about the offer and weigh up your options. This career choice is likely to influence your long-term future, so make sure you have analysed every aspect of both offers before deciding on one.

​What are the potential Pro’s of accepting the Counter Offer?

  • Job familiarity: If you’d prefer not to move to another company and learn new skills, make new friends and learn how to cooperate with different people, staying in your current role might be the best option.
  • Improved sense of worth: Being offered a pay rise might make you reconsider leaving, as you might derive a greater sense of self-worth from the fact that your employer is willing to pay more for you to stay with the company.
  • Increased salary: By accepting a counter-offer, you agree to do the same amount of work as before for more money, which could be an excellent incentive to accept.
  • Career advancement: The fact that you are willing to leave could motivate your employer to offer you a promotion, as they might want to prove to you that you are a valued asset and that they have long-term plans for your career development.​

What are the Cons of turning it down?

  • Decisiveness: If you are in a situation where you have already decided that you want to leave, regardless of your salary, then you might still want to decline the offer. Even if you accept the counter-offer and take a pay rise, the other reasons that made you want to leave could still exist.
  • Unknown worth: Since your employer made an offer to you upon your decision to leave the company instead of doing this of their own accord, maybe you are struggling to understand your worth as an employee.
  • Workplace dynamics: Your colleagues may have a mixed reaction upon hearing the news of your decision to leave and your employer’s accepted counter-offer.
  • Professional reputation: Your current employer likely made you a counter-offer after finding out that you accepted a job elsewhere. Rejecting that job and continuing working at your current workplace may affect your reputation in the industry, as people would know you as someone who accepted an offer and then went back on their decision.​

No matter you decide, we highly recommend you talking to your employer/manager first. Have an open discussion before you make any rash decisions, having this chat might resolve the issue before you even have to consider handing in your resignation

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