​​Since I started in recruitment things have changed a lot! ​

Gone are the days when all you had to do was post a job and candidates would find you without having to do much work. Now it’s a much tougher game.

Along with partnering a recruiter to support your process there are some other things you can do to help your business attract the best talent available.

So how can you make sure that the talent you need chooses to join your business, rather than one of your competitors?

Competitive Packages

Think about what adverts have worked/not worked for you in the past? Look at what didn’t work and see if you can modify the benefits package or hours. Maybe even consider changing your wording on the advert to get maximum appeal.

Applicants want clear information, especially when it comes to the salary, so you need to make sure a salary range is shown in the job ad, rather than statements such as ‘competitive salary’.

Get everyone involved in the Recruitment Process

We spend a long time at work, so it’s important to prospective candidates to know about the work culture and environment. Holding an Open Day or getting other colleagues involved in the recruitment process can really help people get a good insight into the company culture.

Your colleagues can often give you a real insight as to the questions being asked or what people’s concerns were. Current employees can have a huge influence on a candidate’s decision about whether to accept a job – plus, they are far more likely to trust information from other employees.

Work culture matters!

Applicants want more than just company info & details on the job. culture and ethos, as well as the job responsibilities are always top of the list.

It’s very important to give every candidate a good experience when they come for an interview – even if you don’t think that person is right for the job.

No matter what the outcome of the interview, help maintain your companies’ image by providing feedback in a constructive manner.

Remember your company brand and image must be always maintained.

Using the services of a professional recruitment consultancy like Syntech can save you time by gathering information & providing feedback to candidates on your behalf.

Remember, a happy candidate might tell a friend about their positive experience. But a disgruntled candidate is likely to tell at least 10 friends about a poor interview experience.

Feedback works both ways

At Syntech something we like to do is ask a candidate how they found our interview process, the same goes for internal training & development. It’s important to learn and grow from any internal process and make changes accordingly so people always have the best experience.

Asking for feedback can give you insight into your recruitment process from a candidate’s perspective, by doing you can make sure you’re doing all you can to attract and retain employees in the future.​

If your struggling to recruit please do get in touch, we will help you recruit the right people so you can focus on your business, whether it’s a contract or permanent addition to your team. Our team of recruiters are knowledgeable in their field and will help you source those hard to find candidates.

Contract – Whether you need cover for a short-term project, have a gap in your team or to support staff holidays we will help you find contractors to support you’re business.

Perm – If you’re struggling to fill a role why not let us help, our dedicated team will help you source those hard to find candidates and work with you throughout the entire process. ​For more information on any of the above please contact mike@syntechrecruitment.co.uk​

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