When done right, Recruiters & Hiring Managers make a very strong team.

Recruiters play a crucial role in assisting hiring managers to identify the key skills needed for open roles as well as sourcing the top talent in the marketplace.

However they cant do it without the complete trust and buy in from the client. We like to call it a Recruitment Partnership!​

One of the main advantages of this is Recruiters will work with you to identify the key skills needed for open & difficult to fill roles, a good Recruitment Partner will also keep an eye out for candidates who have those skills in the future so your always ahead of the game.

This blog highlights some steps that both sides need to take to effectively work together as a partnership and to recruit successfully.​

How to make it work​

In my experience Hiring Managers and Recruiters can work extremely well together, but there are some rules that both sides need to follow:

  • Honesty
  • Clear Process
  • Continuous Communication & Feedback
  • Mutual Respect for each other & the process

​Recruiting the right people is essential for any business, and it starts by identifying the key skills needed in open roles. This can be a difficult task, but recruiters can work closely with hiring managers to make sure they are finding the best candidates. ​

Here’s how

Understand & Be Clear On The Job Requirements

The first step is for recruiters to understand exactly what job requirements need to be met. They should ask questions about the role and its responsibilities so that they have an accurate picture of what kind of person would fit into this position.

Research Your Competitors

It’s important to know who your competitors are when recruiting new employees. By researching their recruitment strategies, you will get a better understanding of which skillsets may be necessary in order to compete effectively within your industry or market sector.

In Depth Questioning

Ask probing questions: Engage in a detailed conversation with the hiring manager to delve deeper into the responsibilities, challenges, and specific tasks associated with the position. Ask targeted questions about the technical skills, soft skills, and qualifications necessary to excel in the role.

Review Your Current Staff

Looking at current employees can also give insight into which skill sets might be beneficial for future hires. Take note of those who excel in certain areas and use these observations as part of your recruitment process moving forward.

Use Technology

There are many technology tools available today that can help streamline the recruitment process and identify potential candidates quickly and efficiently based on their qualifications and experience levels. For example, applicant tracking systems (ATS) allow employers to search through thousands of resumes quickly while filtering out irrelevant ones automatically. Additionally, social media platforms such as LinkedIn provide access to millions more potential applicants than ever before.​


Working together with hiring managers allows recruiters greater insight into which specific skill sets are required from each candidate applying for a particular role. With careful research, analysis, utilisation of technology tools, and collaboration between both parties involved –recruitment teams have all the resources they need at hand in order find suitable talent fast!

If you would like to find out more about how we work with our clients or have a hard to fill role then please get in touch on info@syntechrecruitment.co.uk.​