​There is no getting away from the fact that Recruitment is tough, so when faced with the daunting prospect of recruiting in a skill-deficient marketplace or looking for a more niche skillset you would be forgiven for having some uncertainty how to proceed.

This is when many companies turn to recruitment agencies like Syntech for additional support and help in sourcing those hard to find candidates. Some like to contact as many recruiters as possible in the hope that it will give them a greater chance of success, however this is not always the case and can often be more of a hindrance than a help.

At Syntech we know that finding the right candidate can often be time-consuming and stressful, so whether you are looking to hire your next member of staff, or to create a new team we can help make that perfect partnership a reality.

I want to talk about the benefits of working with a sole recruitment agency, and how working exclusively with a true recruitment partner (such as ourselves) can streamline the process saving you time and money as well as ensuring a higher quality of candidates.​

Saving time often leads to saving money

The saying “time is money” is often very true. There is only a finite amount of hours each day, only a certain number of minutes to achieve everything we need to. It is a resource that needs to be carefully managed and monitored in order to improve efficiency. This is just one of the reasons how working with one agency can benefit your business.

An exclusive arrangement will save a great deal of time, as you will no longer have to deal with a dozen recruiters calling you on a daily basis to give updates. It will also save time having one dedicated contact, as you will only have to run through the job spec once – dealing with lots of recruiters you often have to rush through it (meaning the recruiter won’t fully understand your needs). Having one recruiter means going through it once, and doing it right the first time.

Exclusivity also means the responsibility is shifted onto the recruiter. It becomes our job to find you the candidates and get the vacancy filled, allowing you added time where you could be providing value in other areas of your business.

Having one dedicated recruiter also means you have the added benefit of not dealing with repeat-applicants. It’s irritating for everyone to see the same CVs over and over by different recruiters. By dealing with only one, it means every applicant will be unique and handpicked by that particular consultant. No duplicates.​

Quality Over Quantity Every time

In most cases when you look to recruit, there is a single position to be filled by one candidate. So why waste time receiving dozens of CVs when you can interview 3 of the best applicants that have been handpicked by a specialist recruiter. Exclusivity allows a consultant to ensure that every candidate is selected based on their skills, as well as their motivational and cultural fit with your business.

By using one exclusive consultant, it takes the focus away from speed and back to quality. Yes, you can still get a fast and efficient service, but you will also feel safe knowing the agency did not rush through the process in order to race a competing recruiter to the punch. It allows consultants to properly pre-screen each individual applicant, assessing their abilities and fit for the role, ensuring that by the time they reach your desk, they will be a great match for the position.

A recruitment partnership is a learning process for both the recruiter and company and will grow stronger the more they work with you. By having an exclusive recruiter, it allows us to partner with you over a longer period of time, really getting to know your business and requirements to find better matches and ease the process overall. ​

Let us be an Ambassador for your Brand

While we aren’t an employee of your business it is crucial for any Recruiter to be a brand ambassador for your company. Every time we speak to candidates we are “selling” you & the company; a good recruiter can help you build your brand and reputation in the marketplace. Image & Brand always matters when recruiting, as it can make or break peoples perceptions of the business.

A candidate can become quite negative about a business if they receive several calls from multiple agencies, all offering the exact same position. It can have connotations that frustrates candidates and implies negative things about a business. By using an exclusive agency, it allows the avoidance of this situation, having one specialist consultant that understands your vision and can communicate that to candidates, and ultimately improving the “candidate experience”.​

These are just some of the benefits of signing an exclusive partnership with Syntech Recruitment, our experience in each of our specialist sectors means we understand the challenges facing our clients, and the value they place on recruiting the best talent. Our focused approach enables us to quickly find you the people that are right for you’re business. Our aim is to deliver a recruitment solution that will help you achieve your business objectives, and our flexible approach and specialist recruitment knowledge allows us to achieve excellent results sourcing the best talent to deliver the outcomes you need on time.

We are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service and recruitment best practice to drive your future growth and help you get the resources you need to attract, acquire and retain the best talent.​

We partner organisations, their values and what they represent. Our team will help your company source the best talent to enable you to build your team so that you can focus on your business.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail or seek advice, you are welcome to contact us so that you can be put in touch with a specialist in your field.